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Presented to show house standard this immaculate modern four bedroomed townhouse is located on an exclusive West End development and offers spacious living accommodation and secure gardens to the side and rear.

Briefly comprising spacious entrance hallway, WC and open plan sitting/dining room with access to the open plan kitchen. To the first floor there is a spacious living room and master bedroom with en-suite shower room. The second floor houses three further bedrooms, a further en-suite shower room and the family bathroom. Externally the property benefits from good sized gardens, driveway and garage to the rear.

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How to plan the perfect kitchen


After living with my kitchen for 2 years now, there are many things I wish I had thought about when I was designing it! A few are listed below and may be helpful if you are planning a new kitchen.


- Think carefully about what is going to go in each cupboard - make a list of what needs to go in the kitchen and consider where they need to be. Allow for an 'odds and ends' cupboard / drawer!

- Consider the kitchen bin! A pull out unit with compartments for recycling is a hygienic and practical solution with more of our waste being recycled. A large stand alone bin is not ideal with young children around (as I have learnt!)

- Drawers are a great idea which are easier than cupboards - particularly for things like pans and cake tins! A drawer under the sink is also a great use of space.

- Fingerprints! Remember - glossy units are lovely but can be a nightmare to maintain, especially with little ones around.

- Consider your worktop. Solid wood worktops are lovely but they are high maintenance as they need to be kept dry so aren't practical for around sink areas. A mix and match to include wood is a good compromise and a nice way to include different colours and textures.

- Spend wisely. Invest in the beautiful round cupboards and the pull out corner units. If you skimp on those (because let's face it, they are expensive!), you may only come to regret it when you are reaching right into the back of the cupboard for the last tin of beans.

This link to an article on House Beautiful gives you expert advice which hopefully will help you plan you perfect kitchen. Happy planning!



The best way to do a viewing?

The tips below from Samantha Ashdown are great, showing the bedrooms in reverse order and showing the garden half way through are fantastic ideas.

I would also suggest the following, if you are doing viewings on your own property.

- if it is winter or even just a cool day, put the heating on. Make the house feel warm and inviting.


- bake a cake

Amy, our accompanied viewer, told me of a property she has shown people, which has the heating on and the vendor had done some baking. It makes the house lovely and warm, and smell delicious. It really does make a difference, and helps viewers imagine themselves living there.

Samantha Ashdown of Home-Truths says:

"There's no special way to do a viewing: after all, houses sell themselves, don't they?

It's certainly true that if someone doesn't like a house, there's little you can do to change their minds and make them fall in love with it. But there are a few tips and tactics that can move the maybes just enough to make them want the property. Try these ideas and see if they help you conduct the perfect viewing:

· Start in the best room downstairs and end in the best room upstairs, or if it's not a house, end in the 2nd best room;

· Show the bedrooms in reverse order, to make the largest feel bigger;

· Always show the garden halfway through the viewing, so that your viewers don't escape from the garden: you really want them to have a second look round, and they won't do that if they end in the garden;

· Showing them round the garden partway through the viewing means you need those little plastic bootees, which you can buy for pennies from hardware stores, or online"

Are you thinking of downsizing?

There are many reasons for downsizing. Traditionally the children have all flown the nest and had families of their own but you still have the family home they grew up in. However, recently downsizing has become more common for a wide cross-section of people.

A few things to take into consideration when deciding if downsizing is for you.

- how long do you spend cleaning the bedrooms and bathrooms that are only occasionally used? The dust still gathers, whether the rooms are used or not. Is it worth it?

- how much are you paying to heat and tax a house that is only half lived in? A smaller house will be cheaper to run, and most likely retain the heat better.

- how much money is tied up in your home? By downsizing you could release capital, enabling you to go on those 'once in a lifetime' holidays or just generally improve your quality of life.

Our residential valuers will be more than happy to come and visit you and discuss the market value of your property, to help you make the right choice. Our friendly team can help ascertain what properties are available in your price range, but still offer the accommodation you need.

It will always be a big decision to make, but hopefully we can help make it easier, whatever your reasons for moving.

For a free market appraisal or to arrange viewings on any property contact your local office or visit our website by clicking here

If you have made the decision already and the time has come to start downsizing your belongings Readers Digest provides some useful information to help make it easier!

Source: Readers Digest website

"Whittling down a lifetime’s worth of belongings for a move into a smaller home can be a difficult and emotional task. How can you decide what to keep and what to toss? Here are some things you can do to make the process easier:

Get an early start
If you wait until you’ve signed a contract on your new home, you’ll end up getting overwhelmed and tossing everything into boxes to take with you. So start going through your belongings as soon as you decide to move.

Work in concentric circles
Start in the rooms farthest from the heart of the home, such as the attic, basement, and storage rooms. That’s where there are more items that are simply being stored rather than used.  Then move into the bedrooms, family room, and kitchen. Pack as you go through these rooms, and make separate piles of items you plan to sell, donate, and give to friends or relatives. Then get those items out of your home right away, so you won’t change your mind.

Involve your family
Items hold different meanings for various family members. You don’t want to save and store that box of toys from your daughter’s childhood only to find out later she doesn’t want them. You also don’t want to toss your son’s old baseball gear if it holds great sentimental value to him.

Ask yourself questions
If you’re unsure about whether to keep an item, ask yourself when was the last time you used it, how often you use it, what purpose it serves, what shape it is in, etc.

Envision your new home
Determine which pieces of furniture and other large items will fit in the new space, then sell or give away what you won’t have room for.  Storing these large items in a monthly storage facility is costly.  Items that were custom-made or specially purchased for your old space also may not transition well to your new place.

Determine the cost
Weigh the price you can get for selling an item against the cost of moving it.  It may be better to buy something more suited to your new home with the money earned from a sale.

Consider context
If you’re selling everything else a particular item fits in with, you might want to let it go. For example, if you’re saying goodbye to the couch, it might be time to part with the matching love seat.

Be kind to yourself
You don’t have to get rid of everything you hold dear. If you’re really attached to an item and it would break your heart to let it go, keep it!

Sources:,, The Wall Street Journal"

An Easter Treat - Creme Egg Cookies!

Treat yourself this Easter to home made Creme Egg goodness with this delicious recipe! Tried and tested by one of our in-house bakers!
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How to use craft, blackboard and chalk paints

Click on the link for advice from B&Q on to find out how to update furniture using craft paint, blackboard paint and chalk paints.
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Update a tired dining table to give it a brand new look!

A lovely way to update a tired dining table top - fix oilcloth to the top to double up as a decorative top and practical cover!
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