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Mutiny - Zero Waste Vegan Deli in Darlington

Working to help the community reduce household waste by supplying plastic-free products such as flours, beans, oils, laundry detergents and more.
Mutiny, located on Skinnergate in Darlington town centre, is a zero waste refill shop and vegan deli providing sweet treats and lunch time takeaway foods such as pasties and delicious treats (they are delicious, we had to test something just to make sure!). The refill side provides everything from soap to beans without plastic packaging to help people reduce household waste. 
More and more people are choosing to partake in a vegan lifestyle, some fully committing to 7 days a week and some deciding on just one day a week but the most important fact is every little helps and Mutiny are showing the people of Darlington just that. 
Laura and Anthony decided to set up here as they saw a gap in the local market, there is an increasing number of zero waste shops popping up all over the UK as it seems that people have really taken to reducing plastic waste. They are on hand in the shop and run workshops to offer help, guidance and knowledge about the products they sell to help you reduce waste and introduce eco friendly products in your life.

"We are both avid travellers and returned from a 3 month trip around SE Asia where we travelled minimalist with just our hand luggage. When we visited the beautiful beach locations we found so much plastic washed up it really made us think about what we could do to reduce plastic waste." - Laura 
I (Emma) visited the shop recently and received a very warm and friendly welcome. I am looking forward to finishing my shower gel and refilling it using some of their product! I do not claim to have zero waste but I am making more of an effort to re-use or re-cycle and consider everything that I put in the bin (where will it end up, how long will it be there?) in an attempt to make some impact (no matter how small) on reducing the amount that goes to landfill.


For the month of May Mutiny will be running a 31 Day Zero Waste Challenge with a prize going to the best and biggest transformation find Mutiny on Facebook here if you want to know more about reducing waste, finding eco products and going vegan. 


*** Try to go one whole month without buying plastic!***

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