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The Carver Three Peak Challenge!

The Carver Team are raising money for both Herriot Hospice Homecare and St Teresa's Hospice through completing the 3 Peaks Challenge. Both are extremely worthwhile causes and we are aiming to raise at least &500 per charity.


Nick and Gordon Carver work within the same areas as both charities, and over the last 25 years we have seen first-hand the invaluable support both charities have given.

Our very own James Carver (branch manager of the Richmond and Northallerton branches) is the youngest trustee on the HHH team and is playing a supporting role within the future development of the charity.

So far, several practice walks have taken place, the most eventful of which was a trip to Tan Hill in March.  After deciding that Scafell Pike was likely to be a snowy deathtrap, David Buckle, James Carver, Emma Chamberlain and Henry Carver settled on (what they thought) would be an easy route from Muker to Tan Hill!! Beginning the day in glorious sunshine, sunglasses were essential! About 6/7 miles in they climbed up into the higher, snowy conditions. Following the Pennine way, the route was fairly straightforward, (up until the snow covered all visible paths). A blizzard began, reducing the visibility to about 100 yards at the most. A beer or two later and belly filled with steak and ale pies they were seriously considering hitch hiking back…however, the fighting spirit rallied and they made their way back. So, after 7 hours out on the North Yorkshire Dales and 18 miles later – their first practice walk was complete. They were all absolutely shattered and now realise what they are getting themselves into - and are still going ahead with it!

The walk has been booked for 5th August and involved climbing up Snowdon, Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike within 24 hours. The 24-hour time includes both walking time and travel between the mountains—approximately thirteen hours hillwalking and eleven hours driving.

A Just Giving page has been set up for anyone wishing to contribute. Please click here for further details


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