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How to plan the perfect kitchen


After living with my kitchen for 2 years now, there are many things I wish I had thought about when I was designing it! A few are listed below and may be helpful if you are planning a new kitchen.


- Think carefully about what is going to go in each cupboard - make a list of what needs to go in the kitchen and consider where they need to be. Allow for an 'odds and ends' cupboard / drawer!

- Consider the kitchen bin! A pull out unit with compartments for recycling is a hygienic and practical solution with more of our waste being recycled. A large stand alone bin is not ideal with young children around (as I have learnt!)

- Drawers are a great idea which are easier than cupboards - particularly for things like pans and cake tins! A drawer under the sink is also a great use of space.

- Fingerprints! Remember - glossy units are lovely but can be a nightmare to maintain, especially with little ones around.

- Consider your worktop. Solid wood worktops are lovely but they are high maintenance as they need to be kept dry so aren't practical for around sink areas. A mix and match to include wood is a good compromise and a nice way to include different colours and textures.

- Spend wisely. Invest in the beautiful round cupboards and the pull out corner units. If you skimp on those (because let's face it, they are expensive!), you may only come to regret it when you are reaching right into the back of the cupboard for the last tin of beans.

This link to an article on House Beautiful gives you expert advice which hopefully will help you plan you perfect kitchen. Happy planning!



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