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Ikea Hack: turn a shelving unit into a window seat

'Ikea Hack' - turning a basic Ikea flatpack into something much more, like turning a simple white expedit/kallax unit into a window seat or a basic coffee table into a rustic addition to your furniture. 



Personally, I love looking at all the different ways a piece of furniture can be adapted... I spend hours looking at Ikea Hacks, even though I don't have the space for them!  They can be great to update a basic piece if you are looking to sell your house and give the wow factor, or just to create something more unique in your home.

There are lots of ideas and adaptations on the internet and thankfully a lot of (mostly American) bloggers have created tutorials and hacks for us to try!

Here is the link to one such site with instructions on how to create this window seat. 


If you would like this to be a regular feature please email and we will happily trawl the internet to find a hack a month!

Alternatively if you have created your own hack we would love to see it, so please send us details and we can share with our other readers (and maybe give it a go ourselves!)


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