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Giving buyers the complete view - virtual tours

Virtual tours are becoming more popular and there are different styles of 'virtual' tours. Some agents use the photographs from the sales brochure and produce a 'slideshow', others use the photographs again but zoom in and out of the photograph. Carver Residential employ a professional who produces high quality video tours of the property so you feel as if you are actually walking through the house.

Photographs can sometimes be deceptive as they cannot show you all of the room/layout in full form - a 360° tour will enable potential viewers to have a virtual experience of the house before they make a viewing - hopefully sifting out the serious buyers.

If you are on the market already and would like a video tour please contact your local office for more information on pricing. If you are not already on the market please contact us and we will be happy to carry out a free market appraisal on your property.

Samantha Ashdown from Home Truths says:

Before visiting a property, buyers like to envision themselves living in that particular space; propping their feet up on the sofa, looking out of the kitchen window at the garden, cooking bolognese over the stove. While excellent photography provides a sufficient spectacle in which to do this from, virtual tours offer a little bit more. A physical tour provides a genuine insight into a home, but a virtual tour can do the pre-viewing, offering a simulated view of a home from the comfort of your current one.

Buyer confidence – Before contacting an agent, a potential buyer can view every angle and aspect of the property. The tour gives them the ins and outs of the property without even stepping in the door, and consequently they know what they’re getting themselves in for. It gives them confidence in not only the property for sale, but the agents too; it provides assurance that the agents have put together a well-constructed portfolio, and are keen to market the property in the best light. It also gives the buyer the opportunity to come up with any questions about the property before a viewing.

Time savers - It goes without saying, that virtual tours save time. For physical house viewings, individuals have to schedule appointments around work agendas and other commitments, as well as when the other party is available. A virtual tour can be done from a desk at work or a home sofa, and be completed within ten minutes. It also means genuine interested parties are separated from those who aren’t; if you’ve viewed a virtual tour and want a physical tour, you’re definitely interested.