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Spotlight on ..... Kay and Rachel

  Find out a little about 2 members of our team each month!

  Rachel Carver - Sales Advisor









  What is your favourite food? Easily pleased, beans and cheese on toast :)

  What is your favourite holiday destination? Fiji is amazing!

  Who would you most like to meet? Lee Evans, he would have me in stiches!

  Favourite band or artist ? Ed Sheeran at the moment, love his album

  Favourite drink? Cosmopolitan

  Favourite film star? Channing Tatum, need I say why?

  Hobbies/sport? Running, netball and dancing until the early hours

  Favourite quote? If the whole world was blind how many people would you impress?


  Kay Evans - Personal Assistant









  What is your favourite food ? Blue cheese

  What is your ideal holiday destination? Any European City

  Who would you most like to meet? The bloke from Camelot presenting me with my lottery cheque

  Favourite band or artist? Take That

  Favourite drink? Kir Royale/Diet Coke

  Favourite film star? Tom Cruise back in the day

  Hobbies/sport? Too many to list

  Favourite quote? If in doubt, do nowt!