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The spotlight on......Claire and Laura

Find out a little about 2 members of our team each month!


Claire Folwell - Sales Advisor


What is your favourite food? A really good Sunday lunch

What is your favourite holiday destination? It's got to be India, but Croatia for closer to home as the people and culture   

are amazing

Who would you most like to meet? Russell Brand - Funny and pretty, need I say more

Favourite band or artist? Rise Against or the Marmozets

Favourite drink? Gin and tonic, or jagerbombs depending how many other drinks have been consumed

Favourite film star? Liam Neeson, because he's a legend

Hobbies/sport? Anything baking and cooking related 

Favourite quote? 'You'll only regret the things you don't do in life, never the things you do'


Laura Lineton - Sales Advisor

What is your favourite food? Steak with a stilton sauce

What is your ideal holiday destination? West Coast of France

Who would you most like to meet? Dr Christian Jessen because he's extremely handsome!

Favourite band or artist? Coldplay

Favourite drink? Shiraz

Favourite film star? Sandra Bulloch

Hobbies/sport? Weightlifting/Crossfit

Favourite quote? 'Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.'