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Advice if you are selling an empty house over winter

The winter months are approaching and while we hope they are mild and don't cause too much disruption to our days, there is always the risk that the cold weather will cause damage to properties, particularly those that are left empty during this time.

If you are selling an empty house we would recommend you switch the heating on to timed and turn the water off - if you don't want to put the heating on we would advise draining the whole system down to prevent any damage.  Frozen pipes, cold water tanks in the loft, frozen gutters can all lead to damp, leaks, and water damage to any property.

Any damage, no matter how easy it is to rectify can put potential buyers off your property so it is always best to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Create the best impression for viewings

Remember we will quite often be showing people your property, so to create the best impression put the heating on timed.  This will help create a warmer environment for the viewing and enables people to visualise it as their home much better, hopefully encouraging a sale.  

It also helps keep our accompanied viewer Emma warm as she spends all day showing people around empty houses!